Long Climb Up

I don’t know about you but I’ve got a long climb up in my journey. I’m in the midst of obstacles and trying situations.

I suppose you could say I would be smart to re-evaluate my goals and dreams but I see the journey as worthwhile more so than the endgame or reward.

That’s why I titled my blog keep going motivation. I simply wanted to inspire one person to keep going because that has always been my secret to success.

In every positive outcome in my life, I have been a step, an inch or a moment away from making a decision that would deny me the success I was seconds away from.

Here I am again, starting at the bottom and looking at the long climb knowing the importance of the journey and savoring the view at the bottom while expecting an unexpected view from the top.

Wherever you are in your journey today, I personally encourage you to keep going. Enjoy the view.

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