One Thought at a Time

You’ve heard the phrase one day at a time. Have you ever tried one thought at a time?

In times of distress or anxiety, learn to take it one thought at a time. Slow down your thinking. If you’re rushing your thoughts they’re bound to spiral out of control with you.

Take time when you think. Let fear subside when you take it thought by thought. Go slow and breathe. You’ll realize you can turn a negative thought into a positive or neutral thought. It creates a tone for your mindset.

It has also been staid thoughts truly are things. Don’t take yours for granted. Learn to focus and build a positive mindset. Work your mind muscles as much as the ones in your physical body. Cultivate thoughts that serve you from minutes into days.

Thoughts are never truly fleeting. They stay with us. The more you learn to take hold of your thoughts you will have better control of your overall mind.

Keep thinking! Keep going!

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