Stray from a Mass Manufactured Life

In order to achieve real lasting success you have a definitive choice in life. You can allow your life to be directed by popular role models but you may find your life is robbed. If you copy someone else’s life you are eventually living their life not yours in some manner. While role models are good, sometimes they’re only good at modeling a life- their own.

Instead, you must opt to find your own path. Seek it out and create a life of your own design. Think your way to a new life. Only you can do that and what excitement, wonder, greatness and passion it can bring to you and the whole world when you make this choice.

Real lasting success begins by building a life and straying from a mass manufactured life filled with following people, the latest trends and fads.

Let not your own life be robbed by living a carbon copy lifestyle. Be bold and brave and design a real life free from emulation that defines and changes the world. Take back your power from mass ideas and let your individualism shine and inspire others.

Kindness is More Than a Word

Kindness isn’t just a word. It’s an action. It takes a mere moment to change a life with kindness. I’ve been the recipient of kindness and it truly stays with me. I remember the people who were kind for no reason. You can reshape someone’s mindset simply by lending a helping hand.

I’ve found that being kind makes me feel better. It’s almost a healing effect. I attempt to choose kindness because I have no idea what any person I cross paths with might be suffering. It’s not like we all wear a sign that lists our hurts. Besides kindness is absolutely free. In a world where everything inflates in prices, kindness is free but priceless.

I don’t throw the word kindness around lightly because I have found it’s an action I choose to take. Without an act, kindness is simply a word. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Grounding Yourself with Gratitude

Mindfulness is an effective way to ground yourself in the moment. You can practice by using the five senses in your surroundings to ground yourself warding off anxiety or worry. How about using gratitude to ground yourself?

Instead of identifying things you can hear, smell, touch, taste or see, name five things you’re grateful to have in your life. Practicing gratitude sincerely with an open heart can reduce worry in your life.

The next time you need to take a deep breath, try naming a few things you’re grateful to have. It might pave the way for a new way of looking at life.

Are You Within or Without

In life, we can spend a lot of time focusing on what we’re lacking. It’s important to cultivate a grateful heart. It’s worth harnessing what’s abundant within ourselves rather than what we think we’re going without.

Start a gratitude list today of at least a few things. Learn to be grateful each day. Begin living from a viewpoint of within not without.

Anything is Possible

I don’t know your story or how your day went and I might not know you but I do know you’re brimming with possibilities and there’s a chance whatever you dream might just happen for you.

Just a little reminder to you: Things are possible. Despite outside influences, internal conflicts, problems and life in general which can be difficult to navigate at times, always think that things are possible for you.

Let all the burdens fall away. Set your course on what you wish to attain. That’s the goal.

Become Your Own Best Friend

You only have to get along with one person in your life- yourself. Become really good friends with yourself. I did this and began to notice strengths, weaknesses and areas I could devote more time to improve.

Life is tough. It’s best to learn to be nice to yourself. In your own mind, you will discover a glorious and amazing find- you. It’s there you will enjoy the phenomenal view- your life.

It’s easy to get caught up in pleasing other people such as friends, family and coworkers. Once you get to know yourself, it’s easy to see which areas of your life are lacking attention.

It’s been said you can be your own worst enemy. It’s very true. We can build ourselves up or tear ourselves down within our own minds. Be positive, nice and caring to your permanent life long friend. Become supportive to you.

Find Beauty in Each Moment

I have no idea what your day was like today. I don’t walk in your shoes. I have a pretty good idea what my day was like. It was mixed with many emotions as usual.

My day went from nice moments mingled with a little panic, excitement and content. With these varying emotions it occurred to me although I can’t see it there is beauty in every moment. Discontent can easily turn to contentment and when we look back we can see how uneasy we felt navigating the storm into calm waters again.

I’m encouraging you to see beauty in every moment. You must search to find it. But with time, it will eventually find you. Enjoy each day.

Cultivate Your Thoughts

Cultivate the thoughts in your mind like a garden. Water and care for the good thoughts and weed out the negative thoughts.

There’s one thing you have complete ownership and control of and that is your own mind. That’s a very powerful statement but simply true. No one can steal or take that from you unless you let them.

Don’t waste time in your mind harboring thoughts of hate, revenge, negativity or feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness. Instead cultivate positivity, gratitude, appreciation, optimism, hope and blessings.

Create a challenge for thirty days. Only cultivate your garden with positive and nurturing thoughts. See how you feel after a few weeks. You are worth so much more than time wasting negative thoughts and feelings. Make your mind beautiful to look at and think with.

Acceptance and Expectant

To begin enjoying your present life, embrace acceptance. Accept yourself, your surroundings, your goals and current day to day existence. When we adopt a policy of acceptance for who we are right now and everything that we have been given, we can actually enjoy life.

Once you accept your life, embrace expectancy. Start looking forward to the person you’re becoming by the actions you take and the plans you make.

The two really go hand in hand. We need to be fully in the present moment before we can reach out expectantly to the future we desire to create. Enjoy the day!