Uncommon Motivation

Early in my own life, I realized that to achieve great things my road was a bit more difficult. I pursued a policy that made me think outside the box.

Over the course of time, I achieved a good amount of success through uncommon motivation.

Sometimes you can’t afford to focus on your daily common existence. You must think beyond your routine. If you’re following everyone else’s formula for success, you will end up with their version of success.

If you’re hungry for uncommon success, you must pay the price. It’s skipping the fun and working on your passion in life. Never give in by adhering to what society tells you to do. That is a minimal formula for limited success. Skip the latte but run the extra mile. Forget the party and study up on your goal.

You can achieve anything you want if you’re willing to expand your thoughts and use uncommon motivation. Keep going!

To Be Continued: A Positive State of Mind

Some of the best movies and shows survive on cliffhangers and to be continued storylines.

At any given moment, you can judge your circumstances. If you want a more positive way to view your current state in life think it is a fascinating movie plot to be continued.

The to be continued state of mind allows for excitement and positive feeling regardless of the status quo.

To be continued is a great way to motivate yourself into being the hero of your own life.


Sunrise or Sunset

Did you happen to see the sun rise or set today? As the sun rises and sets, there has to be a beginning and ending to each day. This natural occurrence reminds us that sometimes we must end something in order to begin something completely new.

I saw the most beautiful pink sunset the other night and realized there was no room for procrastination in this event. The sun doesn’t have a choice. Take this bit of knowledge and apply it to your own daily living. Choose to finish what you started to begin something new. It takes work but you can always add in your own version of a pink sunset to make the finish line memorable.