Keeping on Track with Goals

If you’re like me, you’ve got a variety of goals in various categories. It’s difficult to juggle more than one goal. Success finds itself in many areas of life.

Keeping on track is the tricky part. I’ve found a nice planner that is blank for dates and allows you to start on any day is the best bet for daily tasks. Many planners out there have sections for three month and yearly planning along with sections to dissect how your plans are progressing. I’m a big fan of the Clever Fox planners because they allow you to do goal planning and map out weekly priorities and tasks.

Do take time to re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis. Review different areas of your life such as health and fitness, business and career, family and friends, relationships, personal development, finance, recreation and fun. These areas should be assessed monthly to see where you need to put in extra time. Don’t neglect one area of your life solely for another. It’s important to keep balance.

Find time to initially map out your goals and plans. Use a daily planner to keep on track with weekly and monthly tasks. Keep a separate notebook to evaluate how your goals are progressing and which areas of your life require more time and improvement.

Once you make it a habit to keep track of your plans, you’ll be able to see how much progress you’ve made. It can be very rewarding to see all the wins and exciting as you close in your goals. Seeing your plans written down can definitely help you keep in track.

Cross Off Your Liabilities

When you begin to dream big, it may seem like an impossible quest. Start by crossing off the liabilities you carry in your own mind. Those are the impossibles. They don’t exist when you fully commit to your dream.

When you eliminate all the supposed things stopping you, essentially you’re dedicated to the person you were destined to become.

Give up the time wasters and busters. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dream is just remember: You can. You will. Make the time.

Give the time back to you and your dream and take it away from anything that wastes your time. Cross off the impossibles for good and make time for the dream.

Become a Thinker not a Follower

It’s so easy to get caught up in following other people, trends and whatever is current. If you strive to be a unique individual with your own goals and dreams, you must choose to be a thinker.

Being a thinker requires you to break away from society for a bit. You must realize what you have to contribute is as important as what they’re selling you in mainstream media. From the latest fad to the hottest product, song or show being a thinker allows you to stray from following and let your own creativity show.

While it’s nice to fit in with everybody else, sometimes thinking can put you a step or two ahead of those that choose to follow. Dream big even if no one else sees your vision. Think first.

Live the way you dream

Have you ever felt the exhilaration associated with dreaming big? You can get excited about a project or goal and you feel on top of the world.

A few days or weeks go by and you forget your initial enthusiasm and the energy behind your dreams. I suggest you live the way you dream.

Carve out time to really live big. Look at life and your goals as an adventure, a fantastic book you just can’t put down.

It can be an endless list of boring and mundane tasks on the way to your real dream but I suggest you can make them bold and daring by creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement for each step of your goal.

Smile your way to success even if it takes another ten reps.