Survive or Thrive

There are many challenges in daily living. Often these situations and tasks make us feel like we’re on nonstop survival mode. It’s important to survive but imperative you get to a place of thriving in your life.

Complaints, problems and tasks leave us feeling as though we have little time to get to a place for ourselves. Even if your time is limited, consider putting the focus and effort back on you.

When you put energy into your life, you’ll begin to see a thrive mindset develop. When you thrive, you’re able to grow and expand as an individual. You’ll find space in your mind and your heart for new paths in life.

Make time for you. When daily challenges become too much, put them on hold. Find a quiet space and a bit of time where you can repair and rebuild yourself into a position of thriving not simply surviving.

A Journey in Bravery

At certain points in life we really have to dig in deep and become brave. It’s easy to be complacent and let fear immobilize us at times.

Being brave doesn’t require much but a little bit of change and change can feel very uncomfortable. Being brave isn’t about adapting a warrior attitude or winning battles. It’s simple a journey in which at some turning point you decide to be brave. You do something outside your comfort zone and it scares you but changes you.

If you want new results, adopt this method of bravery. Try something that will change your life in a new direction.

Remember, nothing is easy. Even sitting back and doing nothing has its price. The struggle is in the learning. The reward is the lesson. Be brave in your journey and learn from your bravery.

Uncommon Motivation

Early in my own life, I realized that to achieve great things my road was a bit more difficult. I pursued a policy that made me think outside the box.

Over the course of time, I achieved a good amount of success through uncommon motivation.

Sometimes you can’t afford to focus on your daily common existence. You must think beyond your routine. If you’re following everyone else’s formula for success, you will end up with their version of success.

If you’re hungry for uncommon success, you must pay the price. It’s skipping the fun and working on your passion in life. Never give in by adhering to what society tells you to do. That is a minimal formula for limited success. Skip the latte but run the extra mile. Forget the party and study up on your goal.

You can achieve anything you want if you’re willing to expand your thoughts and use uncommon motivation. Keep going!

Become a Thinker not a Follower

It’s so easy to get caught up in following other people, trends and whatever is current. If you strive to be a unique individual with your own goals and dreams, you must choose to be a thinker.

Being a thinker requires you to break away from society for a bit. You must realize what you have to contribute is as important as what they’re selling you in mainstream media. From the latest fad to the hottest product, song or show being a thinker allows you to stray from following and let your own creativity show.

While it’s nice to fit in with everybody else, sometimes thinking can put you a step or two ahead of those that choose to follow. Dream big even if no one else sees your vision. Think first.

One Thought at a Time

You’ve heard the phrase one day at a time. Have you ever tried one thought at a time?

In times of distress or anxiety, learn to take it one thought at a time. Slow down your thinking. If you’re rushing your thoughts they’re bound to spiral out of control with you.

Take time when you think. Let fear subside when you take it thought by thought. Go slow and breathe. You’ll realize you can turn a negative thought into a positive or neutral thought. It creates a tone for your mindset.

It has also been staid thoughts truly are things. Don’t take yours for granted. Learn to focus and build a positive mindset. Work your mind muscles as much as the ones in your physical body. Cultivate thoughts that serve you from minutes into days.

Thoughts are never truly fleeting. They stay with us. The more you learn to take hold of your thoughts you will have better control of your overall mind.

Keep thinking! Keep going!

Tell Fear to Take a Nap

Today I encouraged myself to do something I feared and the outcome was in my favor. How many times have you done this and been exhilarated and surprised by your good fortune?

Perhaps you’ve made that call or sent the email that got you an opportunity. It’s a simple reminder to tell fear to take a time out and take a nap.

Every once in a while feel and go through the fear anyways. Prove it wrong. Silence it. Do what you’re avoiding. You may learn fear can’t stand in your way forever. Even the fiercest lion has to take a snooze.